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Welcome to Egyptian Marathon 17 Jan. 2020

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Dear visitors :

Mr.Gasser Riad
Chairman of Event group & the Race Director of the Egyptian Marathon and 100Km  Pharaonic Race.

We have the pleasure of introducing the International Egyptian Marathon & the 100 km Pharaonic Race, This Year as We celebrate its 26th anniversary Marathon , 18th 100km Pharaonic Race and the 5th Sharm El Sheikh Half Marathon ..      

The 27th Egyptian Marathon will be taking place at Luxor City on January 17th 2020, the 19th 100Km Pharaonic Race will be taking place at Cairo City on 15th November 2019 and the 6th Sharm El Sheikh Half Marathon on 00th March 0000.The Marathon is an international event with over 36 nationalities participating and it is the only A I M S (Association of international Marathons and Road Races) certified Marathon in the country.

Company Profile: Results 2019

Event Group of companies has three companies.             
Event Sports has four departments.                                  
Egyptian Marathon department.
Pharaonic Race department.
The Tourism department, handling incoming, outgoing and domestic travel for
individuals and groups including meeting at airports, transfers, hotel reservation.  
The department is also experienced in organizing incentive tours and conventions.
The travel and Airline department presents an international and domestic   
Event for trading and supplies: - For export and import.
Hotline transport (Egyptian Joint stock  company) for car rental and
sightseeing tours.

Gasser Riad,
Chairman of  the Event group
Race Director of the Egyptian Marathon and 100 Km Pharaonic Race.


About the Egyptian Marathon:

-Marathon (A I M S measure), In-line Skate Wheelchair.
-Luxor-Run (22,289 km)
-Ramsis-Run & walk (12,336 km) - kid's Run (5 km).Start point / Luxor City
(Hatshepsut temple). - Number of participants in Marathon is 1874 runner.

The Marathon was honored by the presence of:
1)The French runner Alan Mimoum, winner of  the 1956 Olympic Gold Medal.
2)The German runner ceirpinski , winner of the 1976 1980 Olympic Gold
3)The German runner Roland Winkler, winner of  the 1970 &1972
4)The Italian runner Gelindo Bordin.winner of the Olympic Gold Medal.
5)Nakayama, The Japanese runner.


About 19th 100 Km pharaonic Race
Challenge Race
15  November 2019

AIMS measure The idea was first initiated when in 1977 the Egyptian Egyptologist, Ahmed Moussa who while digging discovered a piece of rock telling the story of Pharaonic soldiers running a race of 100 Kilometers.

AIMS Race Calendar





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